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"Darryl Lloyd, Inc. did a remarkable job for a company where I previously worked. So, when I joined Digital Spectrum, I recommended they be brought in to build brand awareness. We had a new product, MemoryFrame, that introduced a new concept in digital photo frames to the market. Digital frames were virtually unknown at that time. Before we could sell the product, we had to sell the concept. 

The Lloyds crafted an explanation for both the concept and the product that was easy for the outside world to understand. This was critical in getting editorial attention. They then arranged and shepherded literally hundreds of MemoryFrame product reviews for us. We were reviewed in a wide range of publications, from Playboy to U.S. News to PC Magazine. We also had excellent reviews on TV and radio, and in on-line media. With the Lloyd's help, we created a new category of products and established MemoryFrame as the standard for the market.” 

Chuck Ouellette, Vice President, Sales and Marketing, 
Digital Spectrum


"Darryl Lloyd, Inc. provided us with targeted PR solutions and stayed within our timeframe and budget. They were able to write about our software and service solutions in terms that could be easily understood. Not a simple thing to do! Their efforts are yielding excellent results. 

Darryl and Judy are personable, experts in their field and have provided us with good value.

Barbara Grant-Gould, Director Sales and Marketing, 
Clear Vision Information Systems (CVInfosys)

“We were introducing a brand new concept in high-tech, solid-terrain models – and we needed to differentiate ourselves from models already on the market. We also needed to create an awareness of our models, our technology and our company in a very diverse market. And we had a small budget. 

Darryl Lloyd, Inc. developed a simple, clear description of our technology and models so that editors could immediately “get” what they are, how they are different, and the benefits they provide. This was not an easy task. Then they obtained significant coverage for us – in print and on the Web. This included feature articles in leading industry publications. We were able to explore many targeted markets through publicity they generated. This would have been cost-prohibitive using any other medium. We received a high level of interest from potential customers – and our models and technology are now the benchmark for the industry.” 

Lawrence Faulkner, CEO, 
Solid Terrain Modeling   

“I worked with Darryl Lloyd, Inc. years ago when I was with JVC. When we started Kano in 2002, one of the first things I did was to call them. We had a modest budget, so advertising was out of the question. 

I knew from past experience that Darryl and Judy could get our name out in the marketplace via a targeted public relations program. They helped launch our company, and they still launch each new product for us. Our brand awareness and sales have increased enormously over the past few years.”
Richard Young, CEO, 
Kano Technologies

“When I took over as CEO of Diablo Research, my charter was to reposition the company and get it sold for the investors. My executive VP and I had an excellent relationship with Darryl Lloyd, Inc. when we worked for Philips Electronics. 

So, we brought them in to help us develop a new marketing communications program. They implemented a great program for us that built our presence in the market and helped attract a buyer. Within a year, we had an offer from the largest player in our market. The company was sold, our investors were happy and the buyer asked Darryl and Judy to stay on and work for them. It was a win-win for all involved. I am now with an investment banking firm and Darryl Lloyd, Inc. is high on my referral list.” 

Arend Verweij, investment banker 
and former CEO, Diablo Research   

 “I’ve worked with Darryl Lloyd, Inc. through five different companies because they are very good at what they do. There are three steps to the branding process: concept, credibility and product. Most marketing communications firms deal only with product branding. 

Darryl and Judy are willing to take on the harder tasks of reviewing a concept and helping to determine its credibility. They have the ability to provide an objective review regarding how the market feels about a company and its products. This can help a company save a lot of money by focusing on products the market wants instead of wasting resources on branding products it doesn’t want.” 

Ernie Wassman, President, Silvertooth-Fahey Farms 
and former CEO, Tecmar Technologies

“Vyant was a young company with a unique enterprise data disaster-recovery software program. But, it had little name recognition in the market. 

Darryl Lloyd, Inc. built a strong brand presence for Vyant in a very short time through a program directed to industry analysts, editors and writers. As a result of their efforts, numerous positive articles and analyst reports were published. One year after we started working with the Lloyds, Vyant’s high profile attracted 14 bidders for financing and/or acquisition. The company sold for 200% more than investors had anticipated.”

Paul Parent, former CEO, 
Vyant Technologies

"Darryl took on a challenging assignment for a company that was unknown in the United States to publicize our foray into the Silicon Valley. 

I was very proud to work with Darryl on soliciting multinational media attention for the executives of Cap Gemini, then a France-based publicly traded concern little known in the U.S.  His work was thorough and professional, and achieved the desired results. Within two years our company acquired the consulting division of Ernst & Young." 

Kathleen Nemetz, consultant 
and former Director of Marketing, Cap Gemini U.S.A.

 “I’ve worked with Darryl Lloyd, Inc. at four companies. When I took over the court-reporting services division of Spherion, one of the first things I did was to bring in Darryl Lloyd. 

The Lloyds helped me reposition the company and rebuild its brand awareness by targeting three different markets: court reporters, court reporting agents, and potential legal and corporate clients. Darryl and Judy developed a campaign that focused on the high quality of our court reporters.  It featured outstanding, individual reporters in traditional ads, online ads, postcard mailers and envelope stuffers.  They also developed new collaterals and a great website for us.  And, they placed bylined feature articles, in targeted publications, that received excellent response and generated some great leads.  The campaign was extremely successful and it resulted in a significant increase in sales."   

Marty Steinberg, former COO, 
Spherion Deposition Services

“Although Philips had a product line targeted to the professional entertainment industry, they had little brand recognition in that market. 

During my tenure as general manager of the Mastering and Duplication Business Unit, Darryl Lloyd, Inc. built Philips’ brand recognition to the point that I was asked to make a number of unsolicited sales presentations at major U.S. entertainment companies. In addition, I was called upon to make industry presentations at conferences and trade shows. As result of Darryl's branding efforts, Philips is now involved in developing new technologies for the entertainment industry market.” 

Koos Middeljans, former General Manager, 
Philips Electronics, The Netherlands 

"Darryl has excellent connections with many editors in both traditional and online media. By hiring Darryl Lloyd, Inc. as my PR firm, I was able to obtain many great product reviews. Darryl was instrumental in getting my products featured in Walter Mossberg's column in the Wall Street Journal.

I would say that the top qualities Darryl provided for us are great results, good value and high integrity.” 

Robert Horton, former VP Marketing, 
Pacific Digital Solutions

"Darryl is a dedicated and detail-oriented business communicator with an expert knowledge of the IT industry. He has been a critical partner to Kano Technologies and has been instrumental in the success of many of our marketing and communication efforts. I highly recommend Darryl and look forward to working with him on future projects." 

Robert Young, VP Sales, 
Kano Technologies

"Darryl is experienced and well-connected in the industry, and has provided valuable public relations and marketing services in working with him previously. He is creative, reliable, knowledgeable, and open with his communications. I would definitely recommend any company to consider his services." 

Mike Ongarato, consultant 
and former VP, Tecmar Technologies



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